Family Lit Magical Realism - Three Sisters Dialogue (ages 3-18)

Cozy Mystery - F/F Dialogue

Non-Fiction Irreverent Dating

M/F Dialogue - Historical Romance

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I’m excited to bring decades of performance experience to the world of audiobook narration.  Some of my favorite acting roles have been Maggie, the determined heroine of Tennessee Williams’ Cat on a Hot Tin Roof; a magical tree in the NYC premiere of Guellen, Kansas; and a whimsical work in progress in Lift, for which I also won the award for Best Screenplay at the Sunset Film Festival.

An award-winning improviser, my natural humor and bright, friendly voice is a perfect fit for YA and Children’s lit, as well as the playful and colorful characters of a cozy mystery. With years of experience as both a certified ESL teacher and a performance arts teacher, I'm drawn to scholastic narration to present information in a uniquely relatable way.   

An avid traveler (26 countries to date!), I have lived, worked and studied around the country and the world.  When not recording or globetrotting, I can most likely be found watching game shows in my pajamas and eating all of the pizza.  

Home Studio: Shure SM7B, Triton FetHead Preamp, Scarlett Solo 3rd Gen, Dedicated MacBook Pro

DAW: Audacity / Punch and Roll

Education: The Great Audiobook Adventure (Elise Arsenault and Justin Marra); The ACX Masterclass (David H. Lawrence XVII and Dan O'Day)

Dialect Coach: Jim Johnson

Languages: English (fluent), Italian (basic)

Primary Dialects: American English (Standard, New York, Southern, Midwest)

Secondary Dialects: Boston, British English (RP, Estuary, Cockney), Irish, French, Italian, Russian, German

Personal Heritage: Finnish, Swedish, Norwegian, Danish, Italian, Irish, German

Favorite Genres: Cozy/Funny Mystery, YA, Children's, Middle Grade, Magical Realism, Family Lit, Historical Fiction, Women's Lit, Rom Com, Scholastic, Non Fiction, Funny Memoir

Areas I can lend lived and learned experience include:                               Certified ESL Teacher, Performance Arts Teacher, Improv, Vegetarian Cooking, Retail Management, Philosophy, Psychology, Mental Health, Anxiety, Depression, Adult ADHD & Neurodiversity, Travel, Backpacking, National Parks, Expat Life, Japan, Italy, Western Europe, Art History, Kung Fu, Soccer, Baseball, Rock Climbing, Horseback Riding, White Water Rafting, Chronic Pain, Spinal Conditions, Watch Repair, Magician's Assistant, Balloon Sculpting, Game Shows, Tetris, Ms. Pacman (high score 211,170), Pizza Connoisseur

It's a lot.  I'm a Gemini.

[email protected]